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ClevverTV chatted with Grant Gustin about fan support for him as Finnick Odair – turns out he has loved the character for quite a while, and is going to try to get the part! What do you think, could Grant be Finnick? I think he could be great, the only issue is that since Jennifer and Josh aren’t actually sixteen, Grant could look too close to their ages and seem too young in comparison. Sound off in the comments!

Я конечно не знаю английского, но речь о том, что Гранту давно нравится Финник. Проблема в том, что если Гранта возьмут, то он будет выглядеть так же молодо как Пит и Китнисс, хотя Фин старше.

НЕТ! Грант Гастин - Финник?! Что, серьёзно?! Неееет.

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How could you tell me that I'm great?

When they chewed me up, spit me out and pissed on me.

Why would you tell me that it's fate?

When they laughed at me, everyday, in my face.

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Nobody can save you now

The king is crowned


Nobody can save you now

Nowhere safe

It's the Battle cry.

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